What is Gymstick Education?
Gymstick Education is a global online platform for new and experienced group fitness instructors who would like to learn how to use the Gymstick effectively. Gymstick  Education delivers short courses to help instructors learn how to deliver group workouts using the Gymstick. 
 Are there any refunds?
There are no refunds for any of our online courses. But you can gift or transfer the registration to someone else. 
How can I contact Gymstick Education?
You can email us at [email protected] or connect with us via facebook
What is Gymstick Group Trainer?
This course aims to focus on how to deliver a group training workout using the Gymstick to provide a full body muscle conditioning workout.
What do you expect to learn from Gymstick Group Trainer online course?
This course will help you understand the exercises, the format and how to deliver a group training workout. There are many ways that the Gymstick can be used and this course will go through each variation as well as providing information on what to look for regarding common movement errors. You will also learn how to conduct a class regarding demonstrations, how to communicate exercises and how to provide the best exercise experience for your clients.
What should I do if I am confused about the course material?
As a paid participant, you can email Marietta Mehanni for further explanations, [email protected]
How long do I have access to the course materials?
You have lifetime access to any of the online courses.
How long will it take me to complete Gymstick Group Training online course?
Everyone learns differently and it depends on how much time you have available to study and practice on a daily basis. It also depends if you have had previous Gymstick training experience that would assist you with understanding how  to use the Gymstick. Taking all of this into account, this course can be completed (if you include your own hours of practice) in a couple of weeks. Experienced Gymstick users and instructors may be able to complete it in a couple of days. 
What can I teach after completing this online course?
You will be certified to deliver Gymstick Group Training workouts to any group of clients anywhere around the world.
What do I need to do after completing Gymstick Group Training?
Make sure you practice the teaching skills on your own and with other people. Watching the videos will not teach you the skills until you physically practice using the Gymstick. If teaching a Gymstick Group Training class is a goal, then being able to do this in front of others is essential to be able to concentrate on several skills at the same time without being distracted.
Is there an assessment as part of Gymstick Group Trainer online course?
There will be a written assessment at the course. You will also need to complete a video of three Trio exercises (this is explained in the course). The information about how to submit the video is explained in the course.
Will I receive a certificate of completion at the end?
Yes, after completing the assessment at the end of the course, you will receive an email from Gymstick with feedback re your video. If you have completed the practical and written assessment successfully, you will be provided with a formal certificate of completion.

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